Physiologische Prothetik von Arnetzl,  Gerwin, Kneipp,  Anna

Physiologische Prothetik

Scientific & Clinical Cases

Competence in the field of plastics presents a clear choice. With the interests of the patient constantly in mind, bredent has dedicated itself to the field of physiological prosthetics, which can only be implemented with specific plastics. The materials open up new areas for therapy with their natural physical and biological properties, which allow them to be integrated into the human organism without side effects.

This volume, Physiological Prosthetics, offers users an insight into the wide range of options for use of these proven materials and a wide range of therapeutic reasons for their use from metal allergies to CMD disorders. This is demonstrated by complete case reports and documentation of restorations. They are on the natural tooth, removable and conditionally removable and based on zirconium – all taken from posters presented at the bredent group days 2014 in Berlin. They are intended to provide scientific and clinical directions for your own practice and laboratory.

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