Innovations in Executive Education von Amann,  Wolfgang

Innovations in Executive Education

Innovations in Executive Education

This book summarizes recent and imminent innovations in executive education. The overview starts with making a crucial distinction between various types of institutions, as not all innovations can be universally applicable in any given context. Critical reviews of innovations relating to the purpose of executive education, subject matters covered, applied methodologies, session flows, and faculty mixes follow. The authors clarify that executive education directors and faculty must be able to manage two operating logics. On one hand they have to be market oriented. On the other they have to drive markets with their innovations. Participants of great executive education are thus both, customers and products, which puts a demanding responsibility on the learning experts involved. The book also contains additional chapters on how to detect and assess the outcomes of unique learning interventions and transformational executive education – both quantitatively and qualitatively. The insights on innovations in executive education are assembled by adopting a global view, which nonetheless demonstrate sensitivity to local differences.

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