Die germanische Siedlung Wustermark 23, Lkr. Havelland von Fischer-Schröter,  Paul, Hanik,  Susanne, Jahns,  Susanne, Stoppelfeldt,  Thilo

Die germanische Siedlung Wustermark 23, Lkr. Havelland

This study presents the results of three excavations in 1998, 1999, and 2004 in an area of some 3.2 ha which produced more than 9,000 features of the EBA, Roman IA, Migration Period, and Slavic times. The settlement of the Late Roman IA and Early Migration Period with 21 wells with well-preserved timbers from A.D. 250-450 was documented almost entirely. It consisted of more than 35 longhouses, mainly corridor houses with separated rooms incl. a stable, nearly 100 barns, 17 sunken-featured buildings, and some special houses. There was also evidence for 28 hearths, 4 dog graves, and 2 deposits. During their 200 years of existence, the house sites remained nearly constant. Additionally it was possible to document an entire fenced farmstead with a main house and outbuilding, barns, sunken-featured houses, and workshops. Up to five farmsteads co-existed in this average-sized settlement. Apart from farming, husbandry, textile production, and iron smelting, hunting was practised, too. The rich find material includes objects made from pottery, bone, amber, glass, wood, stone, and metal as well as daub with construction details. The EBA is represented by a few houses and a grave.

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